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Journey with us to the land of more than 700 islands. Visit the jungle covered mountains and you’ll be amazed at how friendly the natives are. Visit the land- fills where smiling children will greet you with open arma and hearts. Even in their slums, people will offer their hospitality. Meet the badjos (the God forsaken ones) sea gypsies. Your time spent in this tropical part of the world, with our team or through reading, will be one you will cherish for a lifetime.


Have you ever done something so bad that you think God will never use you, let alone, forgive you? If so, this book is definitely for you. We’ll explore the women in the Bible, many who were prostitutes, outcasts of socity — one even having had demons. Most of our Biblical examples were in the ancestary of Christ. What they lacked in perfection, they made up for in love. This book has changed the life of thousands and it will do the same for you as well.


“Say a lie. Offer no real proof; but constantly repeat it and the world will believe you” Adolph Hitler. What true scients are saying. Dinosaurs in the Bible. Fossilized footprints of dinosaurs and humans. Photos of real dino- saurs. The carbon dating of ‘living creatures’ stating they are millions of years old. The second law of thermodynamics. Is evolutionists pictures art or science? With hard cold facts, the hoax of the ages is finally exposed! A most enjoyable, entertaining, and scientific book for your collection.


Sexting is the act of sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between cell phones. According to the FBI Law. Enforcement Bulletin, nearly 1 in 6 teens between the ages of 12 and 17 who own cell phones have received naked or nearly nude pictures via text messages from someone they know. Sexting is the biggest cause of sui-
cide amoung teens. Download this E-Book to protect your loved-one before
they become a victim!


The average cyber bullying starts at age 9. 42% of kids have been bulled
online. 21 % have received threatening messages via E-Mail. 35% of kids
have been threatened online. More than 160,000 miss school daily out of
fear. One in 5 teenagers have received unwanted sexual solicitations online. Only 1 in 3 houses with Internet actively protect their chiidren.One in
five cyber-bullied teens thinks about suicide – 19% attempt it.


While on vacation in Mindanao, Philippines, two teenage sisters are kid- napped. Their only hope is an unlikely group of military misfits who have to deal with terrorists, ridicule due to their age and each other. Inspired by true evengts of Ken and his pararescue H.U.G.S. team. Inspired by actual events of H.U.G.S.’s pararescue team, the action, adventure, drama, and romance will be one of awe and inspiration


H.U.G.S. Foundation’s highly ununique and most effective program boosting tens of thousands of children self-esteem by story-telling contests of how they are special because Jesus loves them.
The vast majority of these children were not Christian but through our pro- gram, now minister to adults about the love of Christ.


With doctors handing out extremely addictive and dangerous FDA approved pills like candy, teens and young adults see no harm in using recreational drugs. This indepth presensation with numerous pictures and art goes into detail of the harmful effects of natural and synthetic recreational drugs — many unknowen by parents.


This novel will forever change the way you view recreational drugs. Temptation, exploration, addiction, possession, redemptoin and … Its drama, suspense, romance, with a little science fiction for flavor, make reading this hovel
highly addictive. Lilith, queen of the succubi, lures three young adults to taste
of her forbidden fruit. To late they learn the ride is not worth the price of the
ticket when you dance with the devil.


What every parent, teen, and young adult need to know about the largest,
fastest, and shister crime of sex trafficking. Every 26 seconds, children, teens
and young adults are lured or abducted. According to the FBI, less than 1/2 of
1 % are rescued. Learn the tactics and tricks traffickers use to enslave victims.


This dynamic E-Book, with more than 100 pictures and illustrations,
reveals the unique (and sadly, effective) methods pimps, pedophikes and
other perverts use to lure or abduct their victive. You may also download
our video presentation that educated by entertaining (with numerous actors
and actresses) this vital message. Share with your friends and organizations this drammaldocumentation.


There are numerous Biblocal prophecies specifically revealing the fall of
the United States. Chaos, epidemics (constructed or natural) population
control, orcrasted food shortages, riots, perversion taught in the public
schools, sex trafficking of women and children out of control, corruption at
every level, and a growing hostility towards Christianity and moral values
– no contry can continue existing under this regeime. What to do and how
to survive is a must which this book will explain in detail


From ancient Babylon came the Babloyan Mysteries:the Sunday worship instead of the Sabbath, celebration of Christmas on December 25th, Easter on the first Sunday following the full Moon that occurs on or just after the spring equinox, the 40-day lent, taken from the worship of Tammuz, the ‘closed’ cloisters of the nunneries (unknown even to most devout Catholics, phalic symbold on church roofs,known as steeples, etc.


Finally a truly natural, healthy, and God-given approach to obtaining and maintaining readiant health, vibrant energy, and a magnetic, positive attitude. Beyond the taking of highly addictive and harmful FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs, this publication give doctors’ home remedies — simple soluitons for getting well and staying healthy. It lists what frutis, vegetables, and herbs to injest for a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.


This is a must for every step-mom or step-dad or step-child! Topics include: What God says about divorce and remarriage, When Mom And Dad break up, Coping With The New Stepparent, How Moms And Dads Can Become A Sucess At Raising Step-Children.
With over 50% of marriages ending in divorce (and remarriage), finally a practical and successful guide for step-parents and step- children alike!


Does Your Marriage Need An Overhaul? Included are: Married But Lonely, How Much Do You Really Know About Marriage, How Much Do You Kow About Love?, , Catching The Elusive Butterfly Of Love, The 10/10 Facts Of Life,Becomng The Irresistible Mate, How Romantic Are You, The 51 Ways To Keep Her Fire Lit, How Well Do You Know Your Mate, Turning Your Differences Into Compliments, What Love Really Is, Secrets OfATer- rific Marriage.100 Ways To Be Irresistible, The Mariage Test.


This free Bible course will result in a Associates of Arts degree and ordination license from Jesus Is Lord Church International. With workbooks and instruction, it will prove a great instructional manual — as well as a host of practical, effective, and inspiring messages to your friends, or if a pastor, evangelist, or missionary, to your congregations.

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Beyond the light: what isn’t being said about near death experiences.
Stories of those who visited the underworld and came back to tell about it.
True stories of a wide variety of people for all sorts of backgrounds who
experienced the negative side of ‘near death experiences’ and lived to tell
about their experiences.


Soon, God will give manking what it always wanted – a world without Him. Instead of a utopian paradise, it will result in one of chaos, total
population control, (manditory Covid-19 wearing of masks (in many cases
forced testing and vaccines), was a precursor to, computer chip implanted
into one’s body to show aleigence to the coming world dictator. Famine,
massive earthquakes, recorbreaking typhoons, pestilence, and disease.
– this book is a must on how to survive the Tribulation.


Finally a truly natural, healthy, and God-given approach to obtaining and maintaining readiant health, vibrant energy, and a magnetic, positive attitude. Beyond the taking of highly addictive and harmful FDA approved pharmaceutical drugs, this publication give doctors’ home remedies — simple soluitons for getting well and staying healthy. It lists what frutis, vegetables, and herbs to injest for a wide variety of illnesses and diseases.

Ken Small as Agent Cody

Joemer Dulatre’s

Ken Small as Agent Cody

Of English decent, Mr. Small was raised in the tiny hamlet of Hallowell, Marine. He was graduated Cum LaUde from the University of West Florida; and maintained
a 4.0 out of a 4.0 average in his post graduate studies.

He hired three of his professors and developed a highly complex and unique mainframe frame system covering several states.

Within a seven-year period of time, he achieved honorable discharges for his classified work with the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Airforce; and was graduated from the top secret U.S. Navy Security Group and U.S. Army Security Agency. Mr. Small worked in foreign electronic intelligence, including classified work in the Bermuda Triangle. Later he was scheduled to return, but do to car trouble missed his military flight which disappeared in this mysterious area of the Atlantic. On his second flight, his plane caught on fire and had to abort the mission.



Angels Among Us

Cyber Bullying

Dangers Of Sexting

Dirty Water Into Wine

For The Love Of A Woman

Invasion of the Planetoids

Jesus According To The Koran

Miracle Of Fasting

Miracles Beyond Belief

Motivational Secrets Of A Spy

Near Death Experiences

Praising God Anyhow


Secrets Of Success


The Butterfly Effect

The Law Of Attraction


U.S. In Prophecy

What To Do If You MIss The Rapture

What Your Horoscopt Doesn_t Tell

About Ken

In addition to his college education, Ken also completed various IBM schools; and worked as a systems analyst after completing his tour of duty with the U.S. military. Upon reading a book on stocks and bonds, Ken took the exam and worked as a stockbroker part time for H.D. Vest Investment Securities. Within three months, he became Regional Vice President of the A.L. Williams Company as well as 6A with the Enagic Corporation. He helped the Council of Foreign Relations as a member of their advisory board appearing on various television programs promoting the buildup of the U.S. military defense system. For this, President Ronald Reagan sent his autographed picture as a token of his appreciation. Ken is the author of several books.
He traveled full-time as a motivational speaker, lecturing in more than 210 cities, as well as guest speaker on numerous radio, television, and newspaper interviews.
Ken established, financed, and administered a rehabilitation center for recovering drug addicts, prostitutes, and those who escaped from dangerous cults. In 2009, he co-founded the H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc. (Helping-U-Grow-Strong), which vehemently fights the nefarious crime of sex trafficking young women, youth, and children. After a trip to Mindanao where 22 Americans who’d been traveling behind him were killed by terrorists, Mr. Small included helping destitute children in the area (as not many organizations will venture to these jungle-covered mountains) as part of H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc.’s mission. He and his team have worked alongside the Philippine Air Force on various humanitarian endeavors to several of the Philippine’s 7,100 islands.
Hobbies include acting/producing AngelMist Productions’ Unsafe in America: Whatever Happened to the Girl Next Door?, Warriors of Yeshua, and GrandMaster, as well as acting in Strong Foundation Films’ Run.
Together, he and his wife, Teresita Ramos Martinez, have 5 boys, 5 girls, 7 granddaughters, 4 grandsons and one great granddaughter.